Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pharmacy Refuses to Dispense Birth Control

Snyder's Pharmacy, a small privately owned pharmacy in Great Falls Montana has announced it will no longer dispense birth control. A customer found this out recently, when she tried to get her script filled, by a slip of paper that was signed by the pharmacy owners.

I think this is outrageous. I don't see where a local pharmacist can dictate to his customers when they should become mothers. A woman should be able to receive a prescription that she and her medical professional have agreed on without judgement from someone who should be a trusted part of the health care process.

Stuart Anderson, one of the pharmacy owners, signed onto a ad that ran on Mother's Day in the Great Falls Tribune. The statement read:

"The sanctity of human life has always been one of our most cherished
heritages. The family unit is the foundation of our society. The
devotion and sacrifice of mothers over the years and the continual care and
concern for their unborn has been the cornerstone of the family. On this
Mother’s Day 2007, we wish to express our gratitude to all mothers for their
unselfishness in our behalf. As health-care professionals, we call upon
the American people to once again reaffirm the right to life for future
generations of the unborn and join with us in our efforts to restore respect,
dignity and value to each human life—born or unborn."

Do you feel like expressing your outrage to the owners of Snyder's Pharmacy? If so - contact them.

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