Friday, August 17, 2007

I can't imagine seeing anything like THIS in OK!

Manhattan Mini Storage is getting some flack for their billboards, which I just love to death!

A few particular Catholic groups are complaining about them. A lot. In fact, here is what they have to say. One particularly ridiculous quote reads:

"It's trashy and its vulgar and it's in your face with its crudity," Kiera
McCaffrey, of the Catholic League said on Thursday about the Manhattan Mini
Storage billboard.
The Roman Catholic group, a vocal opponent of abortion rights, has been urging
people to complain to the company.

Jessica from Feministing has the best response to this I have seen yet. She says, "You know what's really vulgar? Women dying from illegal abortions."

So the mini storage company is getting a lot of flack, why don't you give them some kudos? You can email or call them - here is their info.

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