Wednesday, October 24, 2007

And the Award Goes to...

Well, I'm not really sure who the award goes to, but a particular Oklahoma Blogger seems to think that this blog - Oklahoma Voice of Reason - is worthy, in his opinion, of being one of Oklahoma's Worst Blogs in 2007.

I just want to reiterate once again that the Oklahoma Voice of Reason blog was created to provide dialogue, education, and commentary on national and local women's and reproductive health issues to ensure that Oklahomans can feel comfortable being the voice of reason for women and families in Oklahoma.

In my opinion, this isn't worthy of being the worst blog. What do you think?

Also, I want to bring to the attention of all readers our new and simple comment policy.

The Oklahoma Voice of Reason Blog is a medium for not only discussion
among pro-choice folks and allies, but for reaching out to others who
might rationally disagree with some of the content that is posted.
However, it is required that discussion in comments should be
respectful and be directed toward the ideas and argument, not the person. All
comments with hate speech, personal attacks, or offensive language will be
deleted. Comment deletion is at the discretion of the moderator.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, when I look at the other blogs that were "nominated" from that site, I think OK Voice of Reason is in good company! :)

JSW said...

Congratulations, dear. At least you got noticed!


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