Monday, October 8, 2007

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Wearing the pink ribbon probably isn't enough. It might be a staCheck Spellingrt, but there are other things that women can do to show their commitment to women's breast health. A report from the American Cancer Society has found that the breast cancer death rate in the U.S. continues to drop by more than 2 percent a year. This is good news, however, a survey by the National Breast Cancer Coalition found that "misinformation abounds" when it comes to key facts about breast cancer.

So in addition to your pink ribbon (and pink Kitchen aid appliances, and pink boxes of mac and cheese, etc...) try being a wealth of information about breast cancer by studying up at these sites:

American Cancer Society

Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

National Cancer Institute

The Breast Cancer Site - Where you can "Click to Give"

Then you can share you knowledge with others and maybe even consider volunteering at the American Cancer Society, or any other local cancer non-profit organization. Do something important this October, do it for women's health!

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