Friday, October 19, 2007

Oklahoma Flunks on Women's Health

On a report recently released by the National Women's Law Center, Oklahoma didn't fare too well. In fact, we received an F and rank 48th in the nation. These are not good statistics, certainly nothing to be proud of. Unfortunately, we are part of a trend. The study found that women's health in the U.S. is deteriorating all around.

For more detailed information you can view the report for Oklahoma here.


Julia @ NWLC said...

Thanks for highlighting our report! It's true - there's a lot of work to be done if we want to improve women's health in Oklahoma and other states across the country. We've got more details on the current state of women's health (and what states can do to fix it!) on our blog.

Red S Tater said...

You (and the study) are confusing "womens health" and the politics of healthcare.

Nothing in the study addresses the health of women but merely looks at the politics in states regarding healthcare... there is a big difference.

The fact is that the current state of womens health is still improving. Women (and men) have NEVER been healthier as a group(s)... women (and men) live longer, get more thorough exams, more often and with better results than ever before in history.
The fact that you (and the study group) wish that we had socialized medicine and try to use "the health of women" to promote that doesn't mean women's health is deteriorating. In fact the opposite is true.

Great example though of twisting the "facts" to fit your views however.

Anonymous said...

Just because technology has improved and has the opportunity to improve healthcare for women, it doesn't mean that everyone has access to it. The politics of health care are important and DO impact how healthy women are in our country. So, Red State, I disagree with you and think that you need to look at the broader picture.

The Better Half said...

Actually, women, men AND children have access to FREE or pay-what-you can health care all across the state of Oklahoma. To say that they don't is misinformation. And, by criticizing without verifying only hurts those you claim to want to help. Here is a link to a huge list of free health care to Oklahomans.
Now, there is no excuse for saying otherwise. If you care as you claim, spread the truth...

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