Thursday, July 3, 2008

Teen Pregnancy is the New Black???

It's hard to not get overwhelmed with images of teen pregnancy when everywhere you look, it's in the news. Celebrity teens having babies, high schooler's getting pregnant en masse, movies like Juno, and now the new TV show on ABC Family about a pregnant teenager. Not only do I feel overwhelmed, but I can't help but get the feeling that the media coverage of teenage pregnancy is, well...making teenage pregnancy normalized, and dare I say "cool" *gasp*.

A recent Time Magazine piece following up on the Gloucester Pregnancy "pacts" gave coverage of a Crisis Pregnancy Center that was not shy about the fact that they are biased in their counseling.
"This has been the mission of the crisis-pregnancy-center movement, the more than
4,000 centers and hotlines and support groups around the country that
aim to talk women out of having abortions and offer whatever support they can.
If not in Hollywood, then certainly in Gloucester, teen parents and their babies
face long odds against success in life. Surely they deserve more sympathy and
support than shame and derision, if the trend that they reflect is not a typical
teenager's inclination to have sex but rather a willingness to take
responsibility for the consequences."

So, the only way to be responsible if you are a pregnant teen is to become a parent? I don't think so. I think that there are three options out there for unintended pregnancies for a reason, so that women can choose the most responsible option for them! But are the children educated about how NOT to get pregnant?

It seems like no one is taking the time to really think about how teenage pregnancy is something that should be prevented, something that can be prevented through education, and something that should not be covered on Entertainment News.

Karen Heller wrote a great piece at the Philadelphia Inquirer. She recognizes that reality doesn't make for such great entertainment and pushes for quality sex-education that is geared toward prevention. You should check it out.

And, in light of the fact that the teen pregnancy rate is no longer dropping, and that one in four teenage girls has a sexually transmitted disease, we need to be focusing on comprehensive sex education and prevention - not TV series and media fiasco's.


Anonymous said...

I agree their is to much coverage about teen pregnancies and the young girls watching it believe it to be a fun game. They look at babies as new toys they don't think about how much you have to give up and give to the life you bring into this world.
TEENS once you have a baby you can no longer be selfish, and babies don't stay cute and cuddly they turn in to toddlers that get into every thing and test your patience then they become young people with their own minds and then one day THEY turn into the teen, have fun. Babies are expensive and time consuming.
Girls a baby is not something you can bring into this world then neglect it or abuse it because you get bored with it. IF you abuse or neglect your baby YOU can go to jail or prison and loose your child forever because you are to immature to take care of the LIFE you made. You don't consider what you have done until it is to late.
There are more children than ever in foster care due to teens giving birth to children they can't or won't take care of. Is that what you want for your child? Nice future for that innocent little bundle.
You have 18 years to be a child yourself and 60 plus years to be a responsible adult with a family. Once you are a parent your childhood is over and believe me you will soon wish you were a child again with no responsibilities. My advice to you enjoy your childhood it is the shortest part of your life. Once it is gone it is gone forever.

Anonymous said...

I am a teenager that is pregnant i wish i was smarter, not saying i wanted to get pregnant. I wish i was more responsible. I know this child didnt ask to be born, i know a baby is not a toy. In my eyes a baby is undiscribable, precious, and its also dirty work too. but to share to you as a mother to be (maybe) i would like to share. But the media does really try to normalize and glamorize it. But teenagers don't realize taking care of a baby is more than a cute little baby, it poops(not pretty), you never get sleep NEVER, its VERY expensive, plus insurance! Why i know this is i pretty much helped raised my lil cousin and i watch kids at my church for a side job. I love kids and I hope i can keep my baby, and im lucky my parents except me of whatever decisions i make. But i want whats best for my baby it makes me cry everytime i think of adoption. I would never abort my baby, never think of that. That is my opinion and my little story. Like i said i wish i was more responsible.

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