Monday, October 27, 2008

No Excuses.

A week from tomorrow folks will be lining up at the polls across the country. I know that I will be there, standing in line next to my fellow Americans (and Oklahomans) to cast my vote. Will you?

Over the last six months many organizations and groups have spent tireless hours registering people to vote. Voter registration drives make it easy for folks to register, in that they only have to fill out a form, someone even sends it in for you. But when it comes down to it, only you can go to the polls for yourself. Will you?

I've heard that people don't want to be late for work, or they have carpool duty that night. The kids were hungry after they've been picked up, so they need to get home. There were a lot of cars in the polling place parking lot, and they didn't want to wait. Johnny has a soccer game or Patty has band practice. People make a lot of excuses for not voting. Will you?

November 4th is an important day. I will be taking the time to go to the polls. If the line is really long, I'll call work and let them know I'm running late. Will you? If the parking lot is full, I'll find a place to park, any place, and stand in line proudly waiting to cast my vote, even if I am hungry. Will you?

I'll make sure I vote this year. No excuses. Will you?

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