Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Women's Health Day is Everyday.

Yes, women's health day should be everyday, but yesterday at the Oklahoma State Capitol, a large coalition of groups gathered to celebrate and share information about the importance of women's health issues. The event was sponsored by Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma and the ACLU in coordination with many other women's health care groups in the state. There was a great turnout and I was able to leave with my hands full of useful information on women's mental health, sexual health, pregnancy and reproduction, and health care for low income women. I was even able to get my blood pressure and blood sugar tested by health care professionals at the event!

While walking away from the capitol armed with great information was empowering, it was even more empowering to hear Senator Connie Johnson address the crowd. Sen. Johnson is a true advocate for women's health. She shared important statistics, like how OK ranks really low in women's health care and how OK incarcerates more women than any other state. She also recognized the need to be vigilant about reproductive health care and birth control access in our state. It was comforting for me to hear an OK senator sharing my values, because I know so many legislators ignore the importance of women's health or blatantly fight against securing affordable and accessible health care for women.

Sen. Johnson noted how it was great to see the 4th floor rotunda filled with so many people working for women's health. But next year, she hopes to see more. Could you commit to getting involved?

Educate yourself and share your knowledge with your legislators. It's an important step for securing affordable and accessible health care for women in Oklahoma. Do your part! Visit www.ppcok.org or www.aclu.org for information and more ways to get involved.

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