Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Responsibility is Gender Neutral

At what point do we place the responsibility of sexual health solely on a single individual? If I am not mistaken, it takes two people to perform sexual intercourse and it should be the responsibility of both individuals to be prepared and ready for safe sex practices. However, after the recent OKDHS Resource Expo fair and OKC Pride Parade tabled events, an overwhelming majority of visitors to the Planned Parenthood booth made comments suggesting the responsibility of condom usage was solely that of the male.

Now, I do realize that the phallus belongs to a male, but does this open an opportunity of excuse? For example, in the heat of the moment, a male and female decide that they would like to escalate their sexual relations further and choose to perform sexual intercourse; however, the male, forgetting to replenish his supply of condoms for the month, cannot contribute to the practice of safe sex.

Now what? The two sexual beings are in a compromising situation. Either abstaining from sexual intercourse altogether or going ahead with the physical attraction and have unprotected sex because, of course, the female does not carry condoms. I mean, she is a woman and that is not lady-like behavior, right? WRONG! Safe sex practices are the responsibility of both males and females and for one reason or another, the responsibility (or the control) resides in the possession of the male. Not anymore. The power to be safe about sexual practices is in the control of both parties and the responsibility must be shared.

Did you know there are condoms for women? Yeah, no lie. Actual condoms that have been designed for women, which are a safe alternative to the standard condom. The female condom is intended to be worn by women during sex. It can help prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS. In fact, studies show that couples who use female condoms correctly have a lower pregnancy rate of 5%! With the advent of such a wonderful precautionary tool, it becomes even easier for both parties to be responsible for their sexual health!

--Heath Holt, PPCO Intern

Check out more information on female condoms here.

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