Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Can we use a little logic, please?

I fully understand that many people are uncomfortable with the whole issue that is abortion. There are deeply entrenched beliefs that cause tensions and emotions to run high, but I thought that we could all agree that access to contraception was a good thing. Obviously there are those that oppose sex before marriage, but I thought that almost everyone (yes, including Catholics when the rubber hit the road) thought that contraception was appropriate in a marriage if two individuals didn't want to have children.

Apparently, I was wrong. I wish that those who argue that we shouldn't use contraception could sit back and truly try to think of a world in which no contraception were available-- where every woman had 6, 8, 10, or 12 children. We'd have unspeakable poverty. We'd destroy the planet just trying to subsist.

The people above that argue that contraception should be illegal suffer from a moral elitism. They are able to have 12 children because others choose not to and then those with the brood look down at other people for their choices that in fact enable them to live as they wish in the first place, if that made sense. In essence, I'm saying that the moral elitist position relies on people violating their morality in order for them to hold and sustain such a position.

I literally don't understand what these people could be thinking. I mean, such a plan for humanity involves starvation and eventually, pandemic, because if we can't keep our numbers down, nature will do it for us. Sometimes I wonder if staunchly conservative religious folk are just trying to be considered unimportant when it comes to rational discourse.

Perhaps, though, I judge too harshly and in fact there is some method to the madness. This blog is about discussion, so I don't want to shut any of it down. I welcome any and all comments that can help to shed some light on the issue of the immorality of contraception, and then furthermore, if we were to concede immorality, what such a society would look like and how we would sustain ourselves.

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The Imp of the Perverse said...

I find your point especially engaging that attempting to survive in a world sans contraception would be impossible. This is something completely arguable, especially seeing the woman in the video bragging about her "12 kids." I don't know if these people realize that that is what they seem to be advocating. Now, if it were an argument for abstinence accompanied by chastity, it would make sense. But then, that argument could never be used in anything but a private, personal sense. And it certainly couldn't be an argument touted by parents of 5 or more children!

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