Monday, September 21, 2009

Oklahoma Makes Two Top Tens!!

Normally that would be a cause for celebration-- to have your state featured in the national spotlight for being at the top of something. In this instance, though, Oklahoma finds itself in the top ten most conservatively religious states (some people might find that cause for celebration) AND in the top ten for teen pregnancies. 

Now, are these just two coincidental happenings? Is it just random happenstance that Oklahoma finds itself in both of these categories, or does a correlation exist? This study seems to fall into the latter camp. 

It's ironic, and the aforementioned write-up points this out, that religious conservatives are better at scaring young people into not having abortions and not using contraception than they are at scaring them into abstinence. If a sin is a sin, then why not just go whole hog? 

This is just one more example of why we need some clear thinking in Oklahoma about what kinds of education can knock us out of a list for the dubious distinction of children begetting children. I'll give you a hint-- it isn't abstinence only education...


Melissa said...

& because Oklahoma is so religious is one of the many, many reasons why I'm getting the hell out of here ASAP!

Paul said...


There is power in your voice. Use it!