Friday, January 22, 2010

We Ain't Going Back Y'all

Today marks the 37th anniverisary of the landmark Roe v. Wade case, the case that made abortion legal for women in the United States (as I'm sure you know). While some have been hard at work chipping away at it, bit by bit, others have fought hard, sometimes giving their lives for it. The late Dr. Tiller is of course the most recent example.

I'm  lucky enough to have been around for 23 of those  anniversary years, born long after the verdict. However, I have seen the pictures and heard the stories of what it was like before. That's not a world I would ever want to live in. It baffles me that there are some out there who think women who seek abortion deserve those coat hangers or other awful makeshift contraptions and slow painful deaths. I don't understand why they would dare call themselves pro-life after making those statements, but whatever.

Roe v. Wade has been in constant danger of being overturned. Antis are hard at work beating it down with rabid ferocity, the voice of reason long leaving their arguments, and frankly I'm scared because they're everywhere, and sometimes they get through our defenses. We must be constantly vigilant, but we have to sleep sometime.

All I know is that I will not know that horror that came before. Nor will my nieces, or my children if I so choose to have them. It's simply not an option. Plain and simple.

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