Tuesday, March 2, 2010


HB 2656 and HB 3075 passed out of the House on the 23rd. There wasn't much resistance either:

HB 2656 Yeas: 94 Nays: 4

HB 3075 Yeas: 83 Nays: 8

So, in the state of Oklahoma you can now lie, cajole, and bully a woman into not having the abortion that she wants, without fear of reprisal (2656).

Clinics that provide abortion services have to post signs telling patients that it is not okay for someone to force an abortion on you (3075).

Well duh.

Forcing an abortion on someone is wrong. This is something abortion providers are more than aware of, and it's something that they never actually do. In fact, a patient is always notified of their rights beforehand. The signs are unnecessary, They're only there to scare the patients by implying that it is something a provider might do.

It is also very wrong indeed to force someone to not have an abortion if they want one. Are they posting signs in anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers? No. In fact they're giving them more leeway to do their deceptions, scare tactics, and shaming effectively. They're also giving abusive and controlling boyfriends, husbands, parents, and "friends" the leg up they need to continue the abuse and control.

It's a distraction tactic. The abortion provider is painted as a villainous shadowy figure to make it easier for the man (or woman, or persons, etc.) behind the curtain to pull the strings to their will.

So much for a woman's free will.

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