Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Governor Brad Henry is signing three anti-choice bills into law today.

One could utter a number of expletives in such a case, but this blog does carry a certain brand name with it.

No body in Oklahoma actually obtains an abortion based on the sex of the fetus (in fact, in most cases of abortion, it’s done before the sex of the fetus even develops). I know there are fears of people doing this in other countries, aborting females in favor of males. If they’re really being truthful that they think this is a problem, what research did they find about Oklahoma abortions that gave them the desire to enact this bill in this state? If there isn’t any, what is the actual reasoning behind this bill? It would seem that this bill would have a woman state a clear cut reason for having an abortion, but it does not (thankfully) stipulate that.

No body is going to try to sell RU-486 on the black market. The drug was already under the restrictions that apply to most drug distribution laws for medical professionals. The bill was most likely really developed to sneak in Section F of the bill…that the “father of the unborn child,” or its “grandparent” can file suit against the abortion provider.

The Freedom of Conscience act makes it impossible for a medical practitioner to come under fire for opting out of performing an abortion based on religious beliefs as long as the woman is not in imminent danger. I don’t think this happens much either. Has anyone ever been sued or fired for not performing an abortion?

In any case, they’re on the books for now, but you bet they will be contested after the legislative session is over. In the meantime we still have 3, much more heinous bills to strike down, and we’re running out of time. For more information on how to help strike them down, follow this link and join PPCO’s Many to Stop Any campaign by writing congress, and telling all your friends.

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