Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Palin's PSA

The Candies Foundaton has put out a PSA featuring Bristol Palin. While I guess their heart is in the right place, I can't help but feel the classism emanating from the ad. First it seems to be aimed at low income women from people who are decidely more well off, which is incredibly paternalistic and patronizing. Palin admonishes working class teens to, "pause before they play." Rich people don't have to deal with the consequences, so they can do what they want.
She also does not address the reason why the consequences for working class teen motherhood is so dire. Which is mostly caused by little public funding for low-income pre-natal and post-natal care, daycare, etc...which Palin's mother isn't exactly friendly towards.

Not to mention the fact that they use physical appearance as the benchmark. Funky hair, plain clothing, and second hand furniture are used for shock value, but...having nice things and looking hawt isn't exactly necessary for parenthood.

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