Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Exercises in Futility

RH Reality Check Roundup: If Crist Vetos Mandatory Ultrasounds, Does It Even Matter?

The answer, as Oklahoma is well are of now, is, not really. It will happen over and over again, wasting money and time better spent on legislation that would actually help the state.

Florida may have the same problem Oklahoma does. It will be a broken record in Oklahoma until the majority of  us wake up and nip the problem where it starts.We're electing legislators that are unfit for office. These legislators are either in it for the game, or on a moral crusade. Neither mind set should be allowed in government, period. We need legislators on both sides of the fence that realize this.

The state looks bad right now, and it's not just a problem with our government. We elected them. We can't just sit back with our buddies in other states and marvel at the insanity of our current legislation as if we were an impartial party. They depend on this. We need to act. Not just now, but for as long as Oklahoma exists. We need to stop being angry after the fact and actually stop this stuff before pen hits paper. This requires a lot more attention than just reading the paper, watching the news, and scoffing and complaining about it over coffee. They will keep doing this until they wear us down, or we oust them. Period.

Support and get involved with those on the front lines, your abortion clinics, non-profits, rights groups, and especially, your friendly legislators. Educate yourself about election dates, lobbying, and  when certain senators and represenatives may be terming out. Please?

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