Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sigh...Oh White House...

According to feministing,  The White House will not include birth control in its upcoming list of free preventative services. Because it's not like birth control is expensive or anything. Or pregnancy, for that matter. Hopefully PPFA will get it in a separate list surrounding reproductive health care coming out a few months afterward...but itsn't kind of sad that our Government seems to not think that reproductive health care and prevention are just as important as any other health care need? Why does this even need to be on a separate list? The issue was too small to be put on the big boy list? Arrrggh...

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Sarah said...

As a former Oklahoman now living in a Democratic dominated city, I love this blog and check in when I can.

It would be ideal if the administration could put birth control on the list of free preventative services. I just feel the need to stick up for them a little, since there are political realities they have to cater to in order to stay in power. And in the overall equation of all they are accomplishing, I understand. This is one of the weird things about being an intelligent, reasonable administration that is trying to stay in power, not just for the thrill, but because they genuinely want to do the right kind of good. Fire from all sides is inevitable with compromise.

Out of curiosity, I recall a time in Oklahoma City (or county) that you could get birth control pills for free, or so I thought. Does that still exist?

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