Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wrap Your Junk

Talking about STDs is hard. It's an embarrassing topic that many people just don't know much about, so having a productive conversation about STD safety can be tough. Take a few pointers from the creator of the Sex+ YouTube channel, Laci Green.

Laci lists several ways to start a conversation with your partner about using protection and getting tested for STDs. Starters like, "One thing that's really, really important to me is my sexual health and I get tested every few months. I was wondering if you would get tested before we go any further," can be a good way to break the ice in talking about your sexual history. This is a great way to emphasize that it's about both of your health, and not that you think something is wrong with them. 

If your partner does not like using condoms, do NOT feel pressured to continue with out one! Pressuring someone into unsafe sex is not acceptable. There are SO MANY kinds of condoms out there, you can certainly find a brand and size that work for you. There are lots of ways to start a conversation about using protection too, so have open dialogue about what you both like and have a plan before things heat up.


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