Monday, August 6, 2007

Dr. Tiller faces more anti-choice attacks

Dr. George Tiller has pleaded not guilty to 19 misdemeanor charges brought up on him from the state of Kansas. These charges against Dr. Tiller revolve around a (ridiculous) Kansas law which requires that two legally and financially uninvolved physicians sign off on any late-term abortion procedure. The charges against Dr. Tiller allege that he has an improper financial relationship with one of the doctors from whom he regularly receives authorization. As a result, he faces up to a year in jail and a $2,500 fine for each charge.

In my opinion (which has no legal background to it) it seems like the legal/financial relationship he is being alleged with having with another doctor could probably be construed by anyone to mean anything. Okay, maybe that is overreaching, but I'm sure it only takes a small stretch of the imagination for anti-choicers to find some way to charge him with this law that almost appears to be on the books specifically for him.

Most people know that Dr. Tiller has been harassed, assaulted, shot at, threatened, and his clinic vandalized many times. He is a frequent target of anti-choice fanatics, but also of anti-choice legislators as well as from Kansas Attorney Generals.

I admire Dr. Tiller, his bravery, and his strength in the face of adversity. He is one of the only late-term abortion providers in the country. He helps women who want their babies make painful decisions and he understands the importance of his work to the women who travel across the country to see him, as well as to their families.

Do you admire him as well? Then let him know. Feministing posted about this today and also gave an address to use for sending your thoughts to him via snail mail. It cost .41 cents to drop a thank you note in the mail. May I suggest that you please do? I am.

5107 East Kellogg
Wichita, Kansas USA 67218


Valerie said...

To be upfront, I am Pro-Life. I detest what Dr. Tiller does however I am a vocal voice in protesting the protestors that resort to violence and vandalism. This doesn't solve anything. What I do want to address is your comment that the Kansas Law about having two doctors sign off on the abortion is ridiculous. This is the law in England, Scotland and Wales (Northern Ireland excluded). You can go to Education for Choice to see their laws on abortion. I am pointing this out to you in hopes that you can see that other countries agree with 2nd opinions on this subject. Doctors of any speciality can take advantage of their patients, it is in the news all the time. What better patient is there but a scared, pregnant woman who is having 2nd thoughts? This law is put in place to protect women not harm them. There are ways around these laws which the above website explains, and is also shown in Dr. Tiller's case if he is found quilty. Don't you agree that there needs to be checks and balances in order to protect women? Don't you agree that woman need to be protected from doctors, especially the doctors that are in the best position to take advantage of women?

Anonymous said...

To be up front, I'm pro-woman.

Can you imagine if your life was at risk because of a complicated pregancy...having to make the difficult decision between you and the fetus you've carried for eight months...and you had to wait until two physicians called to give their seal of approval to save your life.

An hour delay may be a matter of life or death. You need to look at this in broader terms. I hope I never need Dr. Tiller's services, but I'm damn glad he is around.

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