Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Enough is Enough!

"Stop the insanity - enough is enough!" says the Pro-Choice Oklahoma blog. Why? Because of SB 2001. Pro-choice Oklahoma has a great run down of what this bill, "The Statistical Reporting of Abortion Act," is all about. You can take a look here.

Some of the "highlights" of this bill just really go through me! First, doctors must report the reason for the woman having an abortion. The bill language gives options to be checked off. I didn't see the option of "none of your business" on the bill - which should be the ONLY OPTION!

Secondly, the doctor must report the type of procedure that is used for the termination. The options for the doctor to check use slang and non-medical terminology perpetuated by the anti-choicers - terminology such as "salt poisoning" and "partial birth abortion." This just makes me SO ANGRY.

And finally, the fiscal impact of this bill on the state department of health is outrageous. In order to comply with data collection for this bill, the state would have to hire three full time employees and spend $240,000! Because we couldn't use that money someone else, like say to fund child protective service or make sure that the children we have in this state are fed, sheltered, and healthy!!!!

If you are outraged too - contact your legislators and tell them that enough is enough!

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