Thursday, April 17, 2008

Governor Henry uses his Veto Power!

Last night, Governor Henry vetoed SB 1878 - an omnibus anti-choice bill! He needs to be applauded for standing up for women in Oklahoma. The Governor released a written statement that expressed his concern for the lack of rape and incest exception in the bill. He says,
"while I support reasonable restrictions on abortion, this legislation does not
provide an essential exemption for victims of rape and incest. By forcing the
victims of such horrific acts to undergo and view ultrasounds after they have
made such a difficult and heartbreaking decision, the state victimizes the
victim for a second time. It would be unconscionable to subject victims of rape
and incest to such treatment. Because of this critical flaw, I cannot in good
conscience sign this legislation."

But there is still work to be done! We need to make sure that the senate uphold the governor's veto by voting to sustain it. We are working hard, and so can you! Contact your state senator and urge him or her to vote to sustain the veto on SB 1878!

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