Monday, April 21, 2008

Governor's Veto is Overridden

The right-wing legislators decided to take an unfortunate stand against the Governor last week, one that puts women's health in danger. After Governor Henry courageously took a stand to veto SB 1878 (see below), the anti-choice legislators must have been a bit afraid of the pro-choice voices in Oklahoma, for they acted so fast that we only had 13 hours to organize before a override vote came up in the Senate, and 30 minutes later, the House.

I want to thank everyone for the calls and emails to the Governor and to their Senators. I firmly believe that this makes a difference, even if the effects are slow to realize. It might not be this session, or next session, but your voices are being heard for future decisions.

In the wake of this defeat for women and families in Oklahoma, it's important to express your disappointment and use any anger you have for good. Consider getting more involved with local groups like Planned Parenthood so that you can have a more active role in what goes on at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

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