Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pregnant Women and Drug Use

Anita Fream, guest blogging at Prochoice Oklahoma, write a great piece expressing her concern over the treatment of pregnant women. In light of the recent South Carolina Supreme Court ruling regarding Regina McKnight and her unfair trial, this is a timely piece that links to the local case of Teresa Hernandez. Ms. Fream writes:

"Some find it difficult to see a drug user with any sympathy. Fine. I think we can all agree that taking drugs while you’re pregnant—and I do include tobacco and alcohol when I say this—is a bad idea.

But let’s get a couple of things straight. First, the claim that cocaine or methamphetamine use causes stillbirth—let alone a particular stillbirth—is unsupported by medical research. The South Carolina Supreme Court acknowledged exactly that in its decision last week."

For more information on the Regina McKnight trail or the Teresa Hernandez case, visit the National Association of Pregnant Women's website.

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