Friday, November 6, 2009

Power to the People!

Today was a beautiful day at the capitol both literally and figuratively! At least a hundred men and women from diverse backgrounds across the state turned out in support of choice at the rally today located on the steps of the Capitol Building.

The rally, orchestrated by the wonderful O.U. Women’s Studies Associations and Oklahomans for Reproductive Justice, featured a wide array of speakers, including students, faculty, and our very own Director of External Affairs, Keri Parks. However, everyone was invited to come up to the podium and share their story!

I daresay not a hand was without a sign, nor did a voice go unspoken. Several of the classic slogans and rallying songs were deployed by all ages. For many, this was their first taste of activism. Others have been doing this for a lot longer. A number of women mentioned that this reminded them when they had been to the capitol 27 years previously to rally for the equal rights amendment.

Good riddance to the apathy that young people have been known for. Long live choice!

Lets keep the momentum going through February fellas!

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