Wednesday, November 4, 2009

UCO Provides Voice of Reason at Anti-Choice Exhibit

An anti-choice organization known as Justice For All has set up a gruesome exhibit on the south side of the UCO campus. For your viewing pleasure, you can witness just about every myth, circular argument, and scare tactic employed by this type of extremist group. The usual photos taken out of context and photo shopped images are present, as are those nice fellows standing around the exhibit. The ones that are all too happy to argue with you until you acquiesce or ignore them.

These people are not there to create dialogue, they are there to cajole, intimidate, shame, and manipulate you into adopting their point of view.

Fortunately, The UCO chapter of NOW in conjunction with the UCO Women’s Studies Student Association has put together a wonderful counter-display located on the opposite side of the exhibit to provide a voice of reason where there was none before. The wealth of information they supply refutes many of the claims asserted by Justice for All. Planned Parenthood was honored to lend them their support today, and we were delighted to see so many students getting involved in pro-choice activities. We even had a number of students just passing by become spontaneous volunteers! Thanks everyone!

Planned Parenthood loves to see everyone get involved, especially students!

On Friday, November 6th, we will be participating in the pro-choice rally at the Oklahoma State Capitol! Come and show your support for reproductive rights! We hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

Those guys aren't so tough... I had one girl agreeing with me that a fetus had the same value as a terminally ill dog and another guy backpedaling throughout the entire time I spoke to him. He became so flustered that he asked me to leave.

I was the chunky guy guy wearing a suit and had a ponytail, if you were there. :D

Voice of Reason said...

Yeah I saw you! Thanks for stoppin' by! They come up with some very interesting scenarios don't they?

There is power in your voice. Use it!